Why Rescue a Pet? by Sarah Phillips, ACA

Last year 47,902 animals were euthanized while in the care of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCAs). These charitable organizations take on the role of sheltering and providing direct care for stray and unwanted companion animals, returning stray animals to their guardians, and finding homes for those in need. Unfortunately, the number of animals being found stray is overwhelming. 41% of cats and 15% of dogs admitted are euthanized due to overcrowding. On Average 94% of an animal shelter’s are at full capacity. So I am here to encourage you to rescue an animal as an alternative to buying.

An important distinction between shelters and pet stores is that shelters are not providing their services for profit. Their concerns are finding the perfect match between the pet and owner. They spend time rescuing and rehabilitating them. Most shelters know their dogs and cats well and using various screening methods they can help you find a dog or cat that fits into your family and lifestyle.

The idea that rescue animals are somehow “damaged” is simply not true. Yes, there are many cases in which animals have been severely abused or have had behavioral issues, but that doesn’t mean they are not adoptable. Rescue animals can make incredible transformations once they are adopted into loving homes. They’re simply just waiting for a second chance. We list our success stories below! 

Another common myth that exists is that the only way to get purebred animals is through a breeder, this is untrue. Some people might prefer a purebred dog or cat because of personal preference, and we can definitely appreciate that. Though it is good to note that you don’t have to go to a breeder if you have your heart set on a purebred dog: between 20-30% of dogs in shelters are purebreds! And you may be pleasantly surprised with a mixed breed. They are just as adorable and loving.

There is quite a difference in cost between rescuing and buying. Through Brampton Animal Services you can adopt a pet for $110(Cats) and $172(Dogs).

Here at Brampton’s North Town Animal Hospital we have recently formed a relationship with SOAR (Southern Ontario Animal Rescue). They are a small group of very dedicated volunteers based in Brampton who are committed to rescuing all breeds of dogs in need.  Their mission is to rescue every single dog that they can, including dogs that have been abandoned or rejected due to ill health, abnormalities or old age. Check out their website here: www.soardogrescue.ca

I also encourage you to visit this website, which is a fantastic resource for all rescue programs that can be found in Ontario: www.dogsdogsdogs.ca/adoption–rescue.html

Whatever your animal preference is, there is one out there just waiting to love you. Rescuing an animal is a wonderful lesson in compassion. By giving a pet a second chance at life you’ll be rewarded beyond anything you could possibly imagine.

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