Adopting a Dog is a Rewarding Experience by Melonie Fischer-Hilal, CSR/ACA

When the kids were drawn to a shy, nervous and almost petrified black Labrador-mix at the Brampton Animal Services, I was initially surprised. I had always assumed that they would be keen on adopting a more active puppy than a scared seven-month-old. They later explained to me, Lily needed a loving home the most out of all the dogs there that day. A staff member at the shelter  informed us that Lily was found with her siblings in a box, left at the front door of the shelter after hours, and all her siblings had already been adopted.



The last three years have been some of the most-memorable years in our household, and Lily has had a lot to do with it. She has become an irreplaceable part of our family.

Her dedication and love for my children can best be described as motherly. She must wait for them daily at the bus stop for when they return home from school, and she checks on them every night before she heads to bed. She has a heart-warming and special bond with each and every member of our immediate and extended family, so much so that other members of our family have chosen adoption over other methods of acquiring a dog.

Brampton Animal Services and surrounding rescue organizations are filled with dogs and cats of all ages looking for homes. If you are ever considering getting a new family member, the team at North Town Veterinary Hospital highly recommend adoption. For more information on trusted organizations please do not hesitate to contact our animal clinic.