A Veterinary Technician at North Town

My shift starts when I open my eyes, what is the day going to bring, what is the weather outside, how are the animals going to be today?

Everything falls into play.

When I get to the clinic I review my day, fully booked with routine appointments, a full hospital of sickies.  As the weekend starts for the outside world, North Town has not slept.  As I round with our overnight technician and find out who is new at the hospital,  who is going home, what excitement happened overnight I start my day with my Doctor.  We take each patient out and examine them thoroughly and with the respect and love they deserve.

I spend time with each of my patients, petting them, talking to them quietly.  Letting them know everything will be ok and I promise to do the best I can.  I am the advocate for them, their nurse and their friend.

I will take x-rays to see their broken bones, bandage their wounds, relieve their pain with medication and talk to their mums and dads like they are one of my own.

I became a Veterinary Technician for the animals. I work at North Town Veterinary Hospital for the emergencies, the routine vaccine appointments, the people I meet and for the people I work with.


Written by Tawnya Kerr, RVT