Updating your Pet’s Microchip

As a pet owner, microchipping your dog is one of the most responsible steps you can take. It is a simple way to allow your pets be accurately identified if ever lost, and one of the fastest ways to avoid having missing pets end up in shelters. However, just like changing your address on your drivers license or phone bill is important, your microchip is only as valuable as the level of accuracy provided once read.

Perhaps you had your pet microchipped years ago when you were in that old apartment, or maybe in all the shuffle of new baby and new house you have forgotten to log on and make sure that your information as an owner is correctly updated in your pet’s microchip system. Below is a list of Canadian Microchip & Registry companies, and their contact information. Please take advantage of this resource and use this time to update their microchip!

id: 1-800-338-1397
EIDAP Animal Registry: 1-888-346-8899
Petlynx: 1-866-738-5969
Canada Chip: 1-800-396-1896
M4S: 1-877-738-4384
24PetWatch: 1-866-597-2424

For those that had used PetNet microchips or had their pet registered with PetNet, your pet’s information is now registered with either Avid or M4S. Please contact them should you have questions about your pets microchip or registry information.