Teeth Brushing with Breckyn every night! by Laura Thompson, NTVH Office Manager

What is the old expression, it takes about three weeks to have a repetitive task become a habit.  Well, our Golden Retriever Breckyn is absolutely a creature of habit—we sometimes jokingly call her neurotic but she definitely finds comfort in her familiar routines. Breckyn comes in from the outside and walks around the table and weaves through the kitchen chairs the same way every time,  she backward walks onto any floor surface that is shiny but most importantly,  every night Breckyn lays at our bathroom door while we brush our teeth, waiting patiently for her turn.

Breckyn’s commitment to the great taste of the CET toothpaste keeps us motivated daily to brush her teeth.  I use a long handled dental toothbrush, load it with the CET toothpaste (she prefers vanilla mint and beef) and we get started.  We brush front, back and sides all the while humming “Happy birthday to you” in our head.  This is the length of time a dental rep that came into North Town for staff education, said it should take to properly brush your pet’s teeth.  It is truly not a long time and to be honest once you get in to the routine of doing it, it is quite rewarding.

Breckyn enjoys the brushing; we definitely love the appearance of her teeth and the fact that she has very pleasant breath.  Breckyn is almost seven years old and we are absolutely on the path to our commitment to help extend her life through proper dental care.  Researchers have found that proper oral care could possibly extend our pets’ life by 2 to 5 years.  In our household, we will do everything possible to extend our time with this unique and very special loveable part of our family.

During February and March, It’s Dental Health Focus months at North Town Veterinary Hospital and we can set up a complimentary dental appointment for your pet  with one of our Technicians.  Our skilled Team Members will perform a no charge dental exam, recommend a dental program for your pet, demonstrate to you how to start brushing and you will leave with a complimentary gift bag full of dental items.  We are also hosting a free Dental Seminar on February 27th at 7 pm which we hope you will attend. Absolutely worth a call to our hospital.  905-451-2000.