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Dental Home Care for Your Pet

Oral hygiene is often overlooked by pet owners but is a very important part of your pet’s overall health. If they have a toothache or sore gums, they are dealing with pain and stress you may not know about.

Dental Health Months at North Town by Dr. Gigi Zeitoun

It’s time to let your pets shine in the New Year; National Pet Dental Health Month is happening! Join us for our Free Dental Seminar on Tuesday, February 17th at 7pm. We will be providing the most current information on dental care so that you can make the best choices...

Owen the dog

Owen’s Dentistry at North Town Veterinary Hospital

Owen came in for a dental procedure at North Town Veterinary Hospital! Check out what happened in this photo diary!

Golden Retriever Breckyn getting their teeth brushed

Teeth Brushing with Breckyn every night! by Laura Thompson, NTVH Office Manager

What is the old expression, it takes about three weeks to have a repetitive task become a habit.  Well, our Golden Retriever Breckyn is absolutely a creature of habit—we sometimes jokingly call her neurotic but she definitely finds comfort in her familiar routines. Breckyn comes in from the outside and...