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Spaying and Neutering

Deciding on whether to spay and neuter your pet is a important decision. Some of the benefits besides overpopulation in strays and overcrowded shelters include your pet living a longer life. Dogs can live on average 1-3 years longer and felines 3-5 years longer if spayed and neutered. Spaying your...


Dental Care

At North Town Veterinary Hospital, we care a lot about the dental and oral health of your pet. Dirty teeth, gum infection, broken and damaged teeth and oral pain are common and can affect many different organ systems within your pet’s body. For that reason, we recommend annual dental examinations, so...


X-ray and Ultrasound

North Town Veterinary Hospital offers high-quality digital radiographs (x-rays) to aid in the diagnosis of many different diseases.

Anal Gland Expression

The staff at North Town Veterinary Hospital are not only here to help you and your pet through the good times and bad times, but also the stinky times! Anal glands are sac-like glands that are approximately located at 4 and 8 o’clock around the anus. The anal glands are...