Fleas and ticks are very common external parasites for our pets. Fleas are small insects that feed off the blood of its host, usually mammals or birds. Ticks are small ectoparasites that also live on the blood of its host, mammals, birds, sometimes even reptiles and amphibians.

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How can you tell if your dog has fleas & ticks?

There are a few ways to know if your dog has fleas or ticks. With fleas, your dog will most likely be scratching constantly and restless. With ticks, you will see the tick stuck to the pet and you have to take precaution when removing the tick. We highly recommend seeing your veterinarian for any removal of these parasites.

How do you prevent fleas & ticks in dogs?

The best way to prevent fleas, ticks (and heartworm) is to use preventative medication.  Conveniently packaged in either a tasty chew or an easy-to-apply topical liquid, this once-a-month medication will keep your pet safe during parasite season.

What are the treatment options for ticks in dogs?

It is recommended to have a veterinary technician remove the tick, this is to ensure that the head of the tick is not embedded since that can cause more issues.

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