Being overweight is a big problem for our feline friends. Most people don’t know that this can lead to several health issues like osteoarthritis, which puts strains on heart and lungs, urinary tract disorders, diabetes and nonallergic skin conditions.

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Is my cat fat?

One way to judge if your cat is fat, is to do a hand test. Look at your hand and make a fist, if you look at your knuckles, you can see and feel very obvious ups and downs. Now look at your cat; if you can see the ribs, they are too skinny. Now look at the top of your hand and run your other hand over it, you can feel the bones but not see them; if this is what you feel on your cat, we are at a good weight. Now flip your hand over and poke into the meaty part of your hand, most of us have to poke a little harder to feel any bone; if this what you have to do to feel your cat’s ribs, then you guessed it, your cat is carrying around some unwanted weight.

How can my cat lose weight? Weight loss tips?

We want to start with a weight loss diet. Some clients don’t know that just because the bag says light, control, or less active, that it does not make it a weight loss food. We need to find a weight loss food specific to your pet, then we can start challenging/playing with them. Laser pointer, balls or balls you can put their food in so they have to work for it, toys, anything to get them up and moving. Some cats might even enjoy a walk around the backyard with you on a harness, always supervised.

What is offered in nutritional consultation?

In a nutritional consult, first we weigh our patient and look at the total body score. We score patients out of 5; 4 being overweight and 5 being obese. We would like to find what your cat is eating, what treats are being offered and how often do you feed them, are you the only one that feeds and gives treats? We would like to know any medical history, especially if we don’t already have it. At this point, we have all of the information that we need to start making a life-changing plan for you!

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