Saying goodbye to a furry loved one is very difficult. Here at North Town Veterinary Hospital, we know how hard it really is, we have pets too.

When should I consider euthanasia?

It’s really everyone’s personal comfort level. You really need to look at the quality of life your cat is leading. North Town Veterinary Hospital is here to help you if you wish, with a quality of life exam. A physical exam is done and the doctor can answer any of your questions you may have.

What happens during euthanasia?

During euthanasia, your cat might be given a sedative. We place an IV catheter in one of the legs, then you can spend as much time with your pet. When you are ready, the doctor gives your pet an injection, which is an overdose of a drug that helps them fall asleep and their heart stops. This can happen in matters of seconds.

Do you do house calls?

Unfortunately, we do not do house calls.

Can you stay with your cat during euthanasia?

All families are welcome to stay with their furry family member during the euthanasia.

What is the cost of at home or clinic euthanasia?

The cost of euthanasia ranges based on species, the size of pet and different aftercare options, such as an urn or paw print. Aftercare options can be seen at the Gateway Pet Memorial website.

Do you offer pet bereavement support service?

North Town Veterinary Hospital does recommend that you take advantage of all of the bereavement counselling options that are available to us. We recommend speaking to one of our customer service representatives for further information.