How to Choose a Groomer by Michelle Walsh, ACA

There are many steps involved in order to choose a groomer, and believe it or not it starts with your furry friend- your pet! Below I have listed basic steps in which, owners should follow in order to find the right kind of groomer for your pet:

Step 1: To start you want to determine what kind of breed your cat/dog is to help find out what kind of grooming needs to be accomplished. For example, a short haired cat may not need as much grooming as a long haired cat, as for dogs it’s the same way a German Shepherd may not need as much grooming as a poodle would. To find this information you can search out the breeder you acquired your pet from, or simply give you regular veterinary clinic a call to see what grooming requirements are needed for your unique pet.

Step 2: Once you have your grooming requirements for your pet the hunt will start to ensure you choose the correct groomer. This hunt should start with reputable grooming facilities that only allow dogs/cats that are up to date on vaccines. The reason being if another pet in that facility is sick, and happens to be near your pet or fluids exchange (which may occur with the use of brushes and soaps) your pet may become susceptible to that sickness. Having a groomer that ensures all clients’ pets are vaccinated ensures that the groomer will take care of your pet’s welfare while at the grooming facility.

Step 3: Good communication is key between you and your groomer to know what is going on while your pet is in the grooming facility. Communicating when your pet is doing well, or if there is something wrong to have that groomer advise you right away. A good way to see if a grooming facility is good with communication is to ask around with other friends and family see what news is discussed. Some may say that the grooming facility doesn’t call to update their clients, where other locations may call as soon as your pet is finished or during just to give a heads up the grooming would be done soon.

Step 4: Make sure that the grooming facility allows for a walk-through they’re facility, so as to see where your pet will be kept or where it will be groomed. As a clear sign that groomer is not keeping clients properly they will not allow a possible new client to have a tour. When walking through the facility ensure that where your pet will be staying is secure, away from other animals being groomed, and is comfortable for them to stay away of staying most of the day. Another item on that list to check out is the cleanliness of the facility, as to ensure bacteria on all surfaces are removed to safe range. Asking the groomer what cleaning products are being used is appropriate to make sure that your pet is being well looked-after while at the grooming facility.

If you have questions about what type of grooming your pet should be receiving, please call Brampton’s North Town emergency vet!