Happy Reunion for Missing Kitty & his Guardians

North Town Veterinary Hospital were lucky to have a great story come out of our month of March. As happens all too often, Brampton Animal Services was presented with a beautiful stray cat. They came into our emergency animal hospital looking to scan this fluffy guy for a microchip and we got lucky! He was microchipped. Not only was he microchipped, his owners information was properly registered and we were able to contact them right away.

Upon reaching Wyatt’s (as we learned is his name) parents we came to find that Wyatt had been missing for A YEAR. His pet parents were so excited to hear that Wyatt was alive and well, and that they were able to come pick him up at our Brampton Veterinary Hospital immediately.
Wendy & Michael came to get their Wyatt and what a reunion it was!

We have been lucky at North Town this year at seeing the benefits of microchipping and we would love to see this trend continue. Not only is it important to microchip your pet, but it is equally as important to make sure your registration information is up to date. If you move or if you change your phone number, make sure that your pet’s microchip registration information is on your check list of things to update.

All the best to Wyatt and his family!! Our team at North Town Veterinary Hospital could not be happier for them.