Found Chihuahua Reunites with Family After Traumatic Near-Death Experience

This New Years, North Town Veterinary hospital got to celebrate with a reunion: One between a missing pup & a couple who had been through a traumatic event.

On New Year’s Day, Brampton Animal Shelter got a call about a dog that was found in a window well. BAS Officer Munafo responded to the call only to find a little female Chihuahua freezing cold & non-responsive; he wasn’t even sure if she was alive. Officer Munafo brought the little bundle into North Town VH where we noted she was so cold her temperature would not even read on the thermometer. Upon examination it was apparent she was hypoglycemic (i.e. her blood sugar was dangerously low), she was very dehydrated and quite thin.
Dr. Tiffany Rennick was the doctor caring for this puppy in distress; Dr. Rennick started her on IV fluids & began to rewarm her.

With the identity of the girl still unknown, we looked to our staff to see if anyone was able to recognize her. Our receptionist Pat remembered that there had been a call about a missing Chihuahua recently and promptly called the contact information left with us. After coming to see her, the family was able to confirm: it was THEIR LITTLE TEQUILA!

So how did Tequila end up in a window well? 4 days before she was found, Tequila’s owners had been in a car accident. Tequila was in the car with them at the time and was hit by the airbag when it went off. Following the accident, the frightened little girl got loose and no one was able to find her. Even though she was very weak, she was able to recognize her guardians when they visited her a few hours after she was thankfully found. Tequila did show signs of mild head trauma but was treated with close attention in our hospital for 24hours. After some close attention we felt she had reached a level of recovery we were confident with, and we were able to send the beauty home with her loved ones. Cherisse & the rest of Tequila’s family were all thrilled that she was found and recovered so well.

It truly was a miracle that this wonderful doggy was found when she was, if she had been out in the cold a few hours longer, she likely would not have survived.

We at North Town are eager to make sure that pets are always returned to their caring owners when they go missing. If you or anyone you know has a dog or cat that disappears, please do not hesitate to contact us and report it at: (905) 451-2000

This reunion also would not have taken place without the dedicated service of Brampton Animal Shelter, for more information on the shelter and how you can get involved visit their webpage by clicking here.