Golden Comes to Brampton Emergency Vet Clinic After Dog Attack

On the evening of May 23rd, North Town Veterinary Hospital was faced with a serious emergency at our Brampton animal clinic. An Orangeville resident, Rick White came to us with his 14 year old Golden Retriever named Nawla, who had had her leg severed by a fellow neighbourhood dog.

Mr. White has lived at his current address with Nawla for 7 years and routinely would let her out onto his front lawn. On this particular evening, seconds after opening the door for his companion he heard yelling and witness Nawla being tortured by another pet.

A quote from the Orangeville citizen from Rick, “I jumped over the railing to try and save my dog, put my hand in that dog’s mouth. It didn’t matter what I did to that dog, it didn’t phase it,” he said. “It seemed like 15-20minutes later the dog just ran off like nothing happened.”

Our North Town Veterinary Hospital team were shocked by the extent of the injuries to Nawla’s body – which could be described to look like a bear attack. Mr. White himself was also advised to seek medical attention for the injuries he sustained in attempt to intervene in the altercation.

The SPCA, Orangeville Police Service and family of Mr. White have been very much involved since Nawla’s horrific attack. Many residents are surprised that she could be the victim of a dog fight considering her calm, friendly & loveable demeanor.

Very much a miracle that she has lived, Nawla’s care required over 600 stitches & staples to ensure her leg could be re-attached. Her recovery also requires extensive at home care and medications; leaving the White’s facing unanticipated medical bills totaling over $5100.

Michelle White, Rick’s sister-in-law, has opened an account on Nawla’s behalf in attempt to aid the family in accepting donations to help cover the costs. All funds raised will be placed towards current outstanding bills, and her continued weekly care. If you are interested in contributing to Nawla’s care, a donation can be made through Royal Bank with the following information:
Transit number – #03562 Account number – #5079926

Please note this account is 100% managed by Nawla’s family and is not linked to our Brampton animal hospital.
If you would prefer to make a donation through our clinic you are welcome to visit us to arrange this with our management team.

Every little bit helps as this family anxiously anticipates getting their lovely lady back to the level of health she was in prior to the terrifying events of May 23rd.

Thank you so much to our Brampton & surrounding communities whose support never goes unnoticed. Wishing Nawla & the White’s the best in this trying time; together we are stronger.