Four Paws One Heart Yard Sale Success By Gloria Fantegrossi

Each summer, FPOH reaches out to staff and clients for donations of gently used items to be sold in our annual yard sale. All proceeds from the sale go towards Four Paws One Heart.

It is always a crazy day for the volunteers of FPOH coming to help, we start bright and early unpacking the car loads of items from North Town Vet onto the side lot. We have tons of fun ourselves getting to see all of the donated items all in one place.

It is always fun to talk to the yard sale shoppers, many of which are just driving by, getting to tell them about Four Paws One Heart and what the program does. Although many come to strike a deal on some good stuff, a lot of people leave generous donations to help support the program.

We had some amazing items this year including a beautiful standing Jewelry box, Old vintage radio, antique dishware and many valuables like ornate serving trays. Each year I am overwhelmed with the generosity of the FPOH supporters bringing in items to donate, a lot of which arrives the week of the sale.

Left over items, this year, because of the amount of donated items received, FPOH will be holding another sale in a different location on August 15th to try to sell more of what is left. After the second sale, left over items will be donated to the ‘SOAR’ (Southern Ontario Animal Rescue) annual yard sale on August 22nd. FPOH loves to help support other animal rescue programs, SOAR is made up of a small, very dedicated group of volunteers based in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, committed to rescuing all breeds of dogs in need.

Our total raised, after our first sale this year, we raised over $850.

We can save over 10 kittens with this amount as well as it gives us the financial freedom to take on more cases where kittens are needing more extensive medical treatment and care.

I, Gloria ‘FPOH Chief Executive and Cofounder of FPOH’, would like to take a moment to give my sincere thank you to all that donated items, as well as those who came out to help me during the sale. Between set up and tear down there was never a shortage of people helping out including staff who ran out when the rain hit to save many items from getting soaked.