Fleas and Ticks and Worms, OH MY

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!

Better known as fleas and ticks and worms OH MY! In the vet world…

Spring has sprung and the grass has risen, now is the time to think of the creepy crawlies which can infest your pet and your home. These are all commonly dealt with here at North Town.

  • Fleas are small, fast moving parasites which suck blood from your pet. The saliva can cause allergies and itching, hair loss, and much more. Some animals are so infested they become anemic, especially if they are very old or very young. An adult flea can jump 18 inches (45 cm) in a single jump! They will bite humans too but they prefer our pets. Flea dirt, which is most easily noticed on the belly of your pet, is actually flea feces and is digested blood from the flea. Treatment usually involves a monthly drop on the back of the neck or down their back. All products are not the same though – cats and dogs are different! All of the products we use are very safe and effective for your pet.


  • Ticks are parasites generally picked up in long grass or in the woods. They start very small, nearly invisible at times and grow larger after lodging. They embed their heads into the animal and can transmit several diseases including Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis and Ehrlichia. Prevention could either be topical such as Advantix and Revolution or an oral chew available for dogs called Bravecto. Testing for these diseases is now a part of our heartworm testing protocol in a test called 4dx and we can treat when they are detected. If you notice a tick on your pet, don’t try and remove it yourself as it can be difficult to get the head out, it is better to bring them in to North Town so we can remove it for you safely.
  • Internal parasites are often invisible scrooges to your pet’s health. From roundworms causing risk to humans under the age of 5 to heartworms causing heart disease, these are most definitely intruders we want to evict, fast! All of our heartworm products treat the majority of intestinal parasites along with preventing them. Fecal examination is part of the yearly checkup so that we can be proactive and get these buggers before they cause any real harm to you or your loved ones.

Here at North Town we are always here to help answer your questions and give your pet optimal health. Come on by and keep your spring and summer clear of these pests the safest way possible!


By Kristy Heywood