Blog: Pet Parasite Prevention


Why Does My Pet Get Ear Infections?

Ear infections can be caused by many different factors.  Some breeds are more prone to them just because the way the ear falls to the side or the amount of hair in the ear, ear getting wet all the time from swimming or just genetics.  

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Fleas and Ticks and Worms, OH MY

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY! Better known as fleas and ticks and worms OH MY! In the vet world… Spring has sprung and the grass has risen, now is the time to think of the creepy crawlies which can infest your pet and your home. These are all...

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PARASITE PREVENTION: ‘External’ Parasites in Cats and Dogs

For cats and dogs, the most commonly noted external parasites include FLEAS, and TICKS, and occasionally EAR and MANGE MITES (otodectes, demodex and sarcoptes). FLEAS: Fleas are spread from exposure to other animals, commonly other cats, dogs, and rodents that your outdoor cat or dog may interact with. There are many...

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PARASITE PREVENTION: Ticks and Fleas and Worms: “Oh MY!”

Pet owners are often under the impression that if their cat and/or dog has no interaction with other animals, then they cannot be infected with parasites. A few hours of happy sitting in the grass of the backyard now and then surely doesn’t qualify as an “outdoor” pet, does it?...