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What Should I Be Feeding My Pet?

Let’s start off by saying your dog is an omnivore and your cat is an obligate carnivore (true carnivore). What does this mean? An omnivore obtains nutrients from a combination of meats and plants.


Feline Dementia

As most cats reach their senior years, mental health tends to decline over time.  Senior cat dementia is a non-curable disease, but there may be things you can do to slow the progression.

guide dog

Purina Walk for Dog Guides

Events Event: Purina Walk for Dog Guides Date: May 29th Location: Chinguacousy Park Details: Come out and join us in efforts to raise money Lion for Dog Guides. Call North Town Veterinary Hospital to sign up or to make a donation!


What Hot Weather Means For Pets

hot, Hot… HOT Now that the hot weather is upon us, it’s good to think about our four footed friends. While we can just move inside and turn on the air conditioner, they are at our mercy.