What Hot Weather Means For Pets

hot, Hot… HOT

Now that the hot weather is upon us, it’s good to think about our four footed friends. While we can just move inside and turn on the air conditioner, they are at our mercy.

Outdoor animals must have shelter from the sun, and a ready source of water. Even better would be flowing cool water but this is not always feasible. Pavement can overheat quickly and can burn sensitive pads. Having grass in outdoor areas may be harder to disinfect but can keep paws from burning in the heat.

Not all animals can spend time outside. Brachycephalics (no nose dogs such as Bulldogs, Frenchies, Bostons, Pugs etc) can easily overheat in warm weather due to the decrease cooling possible with the shortened nasal passages. We see far too many who have difficulty breathing and need emergency care. Some of these beloved pets die even with treatment. These animals benefit from walks in the cool of the day, or quick treks out to do their business then back inside, preferably to a cool room.

Dogs or cats should NEVER be left alone in the car in the summer. The temperatures can escalate rapidly, and the animal will overheat, and the lungs can hemorrhage and a horrible death can ensue.

Parasites are increased in summertime, and they can certainly affect our pets. Heartworm, intestinal worms, external parasites, opportunistic infestations can all occur. Please contact North Town Veterinary Hospital and we will get your pet on a protective program!

It’s a beautiful time of year, get out there and enjoy, but remember it’s up to you to keep your pets safe!


Written by Vicki Cane, DVM