Animal Care Assistant Marina Rescues a Lovely Mare Horse

We so are proud of our staff here at North Town Veterinary Hospital and their dedication to the animal community. Our Animal Care Assistant, Marina, has taken her love of horses to the next level and helped facilitate rescues for these majestic creatures who might otherwise may have ended up at the meat-house.

Marina and her old trainer, Marko Mesic, were presented with a mare named Moro Moo; stuck in a situation where she was soon to be sold for meat. It was through Facebook that this case was brought to Marina’s attention. Moro Moo is located in Ottawa when Marko & Marina decided to head to the Nation’s Capital and pick her up from the to-be-meat-seller’s location. Marina recounts her first encounter with Moro Moo:

“When we got there it was the most horrible thing. She saw me and came right up to me. She couldn’t stay still. Poor girl – probably tought she was going on the meat trailer. She tried to run me over to get out. As soon as we got outside she saw a normal trailer and she was calm then walked right on.”

Moro Moo is currently staying with a horse rescue organization in Ottawa known as Need You Now Equine but Marina & Marko are trying to get her to Caledon so that she can be under Marina’s care until they are able to find her a forever home. On behalf of Marina, Moro, and this rescue mission, North Town Veterinary Hospital is fundraising to help bring Moro Moo down to Caledon.

We are accepting donations – really anything helps!

The staff at North Town Veterinary Hospital have always come together to be advocates for this cause. Gloria, one of our Client Service Reps, has a rescue organization of her own. Four Paws One Heart is her cause where she facilitates the safe re-homing of kittens, and often special needs kittens. Gloria has often run Bake Sales at North Town Vet Hospital in the passed to raise funds for her cause and the kitties. However, Gloria has decided it is important to help Marina and in this case has decided to host a fundraising bake sale on behalf of the transportation for Moro Moo.

After Moro Moo is safely transported and taken care of here in the Brampton-Caledon area, Marina will be looking for a forever home for this lovely mare. If you are looking for any information on Moro Moo, Marina, or this case we urge our readers to contact Marina Senzen at (647) 285-5834 or

Let’s bring Moro Moo to Caledon!! Together we can make it happen!