What to tell your Pet-Sitter

With holiday season fast approaching something we must all think about is what about ‘Henry’ (my ever so loving special needs bulldog)? Leaving your beloved pet behind on your travels can be heartbreaking. While we can’t heal your broken heart, we can share some tips to ensure your worry is less during this time of travel.

Find a good pet sitter. Once you are comfortable with your choice of caretaker, what are things that you can do to prepare for your time away?   Naturally, you’re going to leave the essentials: your emergency contact information, the phone number and address of your veterinarian, your pets medication and feeding schedule. But let’s look at how you can go above and beyond to ensure your pets “stay-cation” goes smoothly.

Write It Down

Providing a loving environment for your pet may seem intuitive to you, but recalling every detail can be a challenge. Our furry friends like routine and breaking out of that can cause some anxiety. Write down your pets schedule, diet and special needs. Leave your vets information in a visible spot that can be seen easily in case of emergency. A letter to the vet giving permission for the petsitter to treat if you cannot be reached and that you will be responsible for the bill. Please be specific in this letter, express what to do in the case of emergency and you cannot be reached.

Stick to a Schedule

As mentioned above- pets like routine. Don’t believe us, try feeding them dinner 15minutes late and see how they react. For example anyone pet sitting for us would benefit from knowing the dogs get up around 6-7am and go outside for a little romp in the backyard and then do their business. They then have breakfast and we administer the morning medication. The thing is..it might be useful to know that ‘Henry’ will spit out his pills if you don’t keep a close eye on him and Dallas won’t take her liquid Omega 3’s unless you actually put it on her food. They then play a little together, usually a loud game of tug-o-war and then settle in for their morning nap. If you break this routine, they will all just stare at you in disbelief.

Pet Personality Profile

Just like people, our little fur-babies have their own personalities and the things they like or dislike. Dallas is the biggest cuddler in the world. I really don’t think she understands that 80lbs is not a lap friendly weight. She is the happiest when chilling out on the couch with her paw in your hand and her head on your shoulder. Henry on the other hand wants you to feed him, walk him and give the occasional belly scratch but that’s about it and it has to be on his terms. It’s important for your petsitter to be aware of these little quirks of theirs.

 Ruffing up the Rules

Just like children, dogs will test the rules!! Make sure your petsitter knows if your dog is allowed on the couch or if they are allowed table scraps. Routine, routine, routine!

Don’t Make a Fuss

When leaving, please don’t make a fuss. We know it’s hard to leave for a few days, we know you’re going to miss your fur-babies, but what about them? Carrying on like a 2 year-old by crying your eyes out only increases your pets anxiety. Take a quick walk to expel some energy and then keep it casual, as if you were going to work or out for dinner. Hopefully you fur baby is snoozing on their pillow and won’t even notice you’re gone. Of course the big slobbery kisses you’ll get upon your return will let you know they still love you!!!