Unconditional Love

No matter what I say or do I am loved by this polar bear Canine beast of mine. He has brought a whole new understanding of love to my life.  People say that if you are not an animal lover you can never understand the depth of love and the strong bond that one can have with an animal.  I can now truly say I completely understand what that means. One no longer looks at them as just “an animal”.  They become part of the family; like your very own child… like a toddler that never grows up is how I like to explain it to others.

Oddi and I met when he had just turned three years old.  He is seven now and the last four years have been joyous. He needed a home and someone to love and take care of him.  I was actually considering getting another dog for some companionship for my other dog Tyson who was six months at the time.  As soon as we met it was love at first sight; most of you know exactly what I am talking about.  He and Tyson hit if off immediately and they have been like brothers ever since.  I being the mother that I am of course spoil them because that is what they deserve. These beloved beasts are in our lives for such a short time and the joy that they bring along with them is simply priceless. I simply think it is our duty to make their loves as wonderfully and meaningful as we can.

I had no idea what to expect when I brought him home but I knew I had no other choice; I thought to myself… what am I getting myself into but I knew in my heart I did the right thing. No regrets here…

Oddi still follows me around until this very day. I awake to this giant white goofy face looking up at me ready to see if it is time to start the next day’s adventure together. I can honestly think of no other way to start my day.

For I am the lucky one… he is the one who has blessed me with his unconditional LOVE…

“I believe the greatest privilege in this world is to use your freedom of speech for these who have no voice.”

(R. Gervais)

By: T. De Silva