Stop! Don’t Let Your Pet Loose in the Car

We have all seen dogs heads outside the car, , ears flopping in the wind or the little one sitting on the driver’s lap while driving. Although we don’t’ think much of it, this is a big danger to your pet.  

Time and time again I hear “they just sit there they don’t even move when they’re on my lap” or “my cat just lies on the dash while I drive”. We wouldn’t drive with your baby on our laps or let the 2-year-old run around in the back set, head out the window.

Having our furry family member loose can cause big car crashes. What if they see something and jump on the wheel or out the car window. The cat Simba gets freaked out and tries to go under the set but now you can’t stop because they are at the petals. We never expect the unexpected and if you did get into a car crash, then what?

We do not want to think about! Our beloved pet could be catapulted out through the window or now running around scared on the street. I’m sure they are not going to run up to anyone for help. This is terrifying! All cats should be on a carrier, this way they have some protection and easier to transport in an emergency. Lucky can’t get the medical attention he or she might need if we can find or caught them.

Smaller dogs can go in carriers or crates. Companies now make harnesses for dogs so you can seat belt them in. So if they are in the front seat, they can’t climb over or jump from the back to the front. Having your pet confined may save your life, pets and someone else.

Written by Angie Waters, RVT