Dog & Cat Car Safety by Trish Parkin, Technician

Many pets are part of our family and travel often with us.  Here are few tips on how to make short or long car rides safe and fun for everyone.

1. Restraint System

Paws (hands) down this is the best way to keep everyone safe.  We wear seatbelts so why not have your pets properly restrained in the car too. Your pets should always be in the backseat of your vehicle. If the airbag goes off and your pet is in the front, this can lead to serious injuries. There are many different ways you can restrain your pets; there are seatbelts for dogs and most small dogs and cat can be restrained in a carrier. Make sure that the carrier is secured down as well.

2. Feeding

Many animals are fine with eating a meal and then travelling, however there are the risks of motion sickness. It is best to feed no less than 3 to 4 hours before your trip begins.  This will help to minimize motion sickness and even worse vomiting. Feed in mind that portable water bowls are a must.

3. Breaks for Bathroom

If you going to be going on a long trip with your pets make sure you stop often so your pets can stretch, use the bathroom, and burn off some energy.  Don’t forget your baggies for poop and scoop!

4. Entertainment

Most pets will just sleep in the car but just as many of them wind up getting restless. Favorite chew toys, treats or other objects that will keep your pet entertained.

5. Vaccines Records

When we are traveling we pack a travel kit for ourselves why not our pets? If you’re going to be travelling out of the country, make sure you have done your homework and have all the important documents need to get into the Country.

Travel Kit can include:

Vaccine records, Health Certificate, Poop Bags, Water bowl, Bed/Blanket, Treats, Favorite toy