Pet of the Month March: Carly by Nicole Arruda, ACA

“The journey of life is sweeter when travelled with a dog.” – Bridget Willoughby

Carly is a Yorkshire Terrier who just celebrated her ninth birthday (or as her mom Linda likes to call it, “Bark Day”) on February 14th. She was rescued in July of 2006 from a backyard breeder, and has been well-loved ever since. According to Linda, Carly is “the boss of her house,” and it has always been that way.

With Pet Dental focus in season, Carly is a perfect example of a dog whose life improved after having a dentistry. Last year, Carly met up with her favourite doctor at North Town, Dr. Forbes and had her dentistry. “Carly’s teeth were very dirty,” Linda says, “she needed a good cleaning and had 12 teeth removed. Before her dentistry, it was very hard to clean her teeth at home. I guess this is because she was in such pain.” After her dentistry was over, Carly is much more comfortable, and lets Linda brush her teeth daily at home. She is also more playful with Linda, and likes to play-bite her sleeves now that she has very little teeth!



Carly’s dentistry was not her first meeting with Dr. Forbes. “Carly had a urinary tract infection a few years back, which was treated with prescription medications.” She is also now on a special diet for urinary health long-term. Sometimes Carly’s parents will come to North Town just to say hello and pick up a can of this food as a treat for her. “She also recently had X-rays taken which showed a narrowed trachea and mildly increased bronchial markings. She honks, backwards sneezes, and occasionally coughs. To deal with these issues, Dr. Forbes has prescribed a cough syrup that I now give her.”

Carly likes to spend her days following her parents around the house, playing with her toys (squeaky toys are her toy of choice), and barking at humans passing by outside the window. Carly and her parents attend every client education night North Town hosts (dental, senior pet, weight awareness, and parasite prevention seminars) and her parents are always looking for ways to learn more and improve her life. They also participate in as many North Town contests and promotions as they can. The three of them are familiar around North Town and always put a smile on staff members’ faces with their love and attention to Carly’s health and happiness. “We choose North Town because all of you are so kind and helpful to Carly’s care,” Linda says, “and you put up with me being such a ‘Mama Bear’ to her! Oh, and of course because Carly loves Dr. Forbes… even after he took out all of her teeth!” It is always a pleasure to see any member of this family, and we at North Town wish Carly and her parents all the best!



Remember to brush your pets’ teeth daily, and if they need more attention than that, call North Town about booking a no charge dental consult!