How to Get Your Cat to Drink More Water

Provide multiple bowls of water

Some cats have favourite places they like to drink from, and some simply like to take it easy and don’t like to travel too far.  And a lot of cats don’t like to drink near to where they eat.  So place several “drinking stations” around your home — put at least one on every floor, try adding one by your bed and maybe one near the door or main window.

Provide bowls made from various materials

Some cats like certain types of materials, so you can experiment to find your cats’ favourite types of bowls.  Try glass, metal, ceramic, or even plastic to see if your cats have a favourite.  You don’t need to rush out and buy special bowls – use what you have at home to find the best material for your cats’ drinking bowls.


Provide bowls of different sizes

A lot of cats have a preference for really wide and flat drinking surfaces, so be sure to include at least one wide-mouthed container among the multiple bowls you place around your home.  However, some cats prefer narrow-mouthed bowls or even drinking glasses, so try different sizes.  Bowls don’t have to be deep, so try using pie plates or lasagna pans in addition to ordinary “pet bowls”.


By experimenting with different locations, sizes, and materials, it shouldn’t take long for you to discover the types and locations of bowls that are your cats’ favourites and encourage them to drink more water.  If it turns out these things aren’t enough and your vet still thinks your cat needs to drink more, your vet can discuss the next steps to help your cats.

Written by Vicki Cane, DVM