Helping “Lady” Along

What a start to the summer for North Town Veterinary Hospital!

On, Friday, May 18th – right before the long weekend – a serious challenge was presented to the clinic! All hands were on deck for when a Boxer in labour arrived.

Lady, a two-year old mother-to-be, had begun delivering her puppies the night before. In an unassisted at home birth three of the babies managed to emerge.

However, by 5am there were signs that the labour had stopped. Worried owners carefully brought Lady into North Town VH for X-rays, where we found that indeed there were still more puppies. So into surgery she went!

Dr.Saini removed 5 MORE puppies via C-Section while Lady was under general anesthetic. Not without the help of 2 other doctors, 3 veterinary technicians, and 2 assistants – who all took part in monitoring Lady and helping the puppies jump start a healthy life!

It is unfortunate to report that one pup did not make it through morning, but with multiple births – especially in high numbers – this is not abnormal. What an amazing experience for the NTVH staff, Lady & her family. We are so thrilled to have been able to help Lady through this miraculous moment in her life.

Proud mom Lady and her seven puppies are currently doing wonderful at home!