Completing Technician Co-Op Placement at North Town Vet

Written By Robyn Abbott, Technician Co-Op Student 2014

Throughout the two year veterinary technician program I had attended it was required to complete 120 hours of co-op or placement work for three out of the four semesters. These hours are to be used to practice your technical skills such as blood collection, surgical prep/monitoring, laboratory tests, radiographs and even aspects of the job such as client communication. I had been lucky enough to complete all three of these semesters with North Town and was able to practice my new skills as often as needed, while learning some new ones from the staff.  Everyone at North Town had made me feel like part of the team from the first day I started, to my very last day of placement.  The entire staff is truly dedicated each and every day to providing exceptional care to all patients, and that is something that is really inspiring to see.
North Town is an exceptional hospital and I will not forget my experiences there.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the entire North Town staff. From the receptionists, to the ACA’s, Veterinarians and Technicians who made my co-op experience over the last year a great one. You have all not only helped me to become a more experienced technican, but a much more confident individual.
That is something I cannot thank you all enough for.