Batman: “Beloved Rescued Dog” Thank you North Town! by his new family

I met Batman while visiting my neighbour’s dog when he was boarded at North Town over the Christmas Holidays. I saw Batman and thought “What a great dog the owners must just love him!” He looked at me and pushed his water dish so when I was leaving I informed the staff about Batmans water dish and commented on how sweet he was. There was something in his face that drew me in.  A few weeks later while at North Town with my neighbour again, I came across a poster with Batman’s picture and a caption that he was ready to be adopted to a loving home. At that point I did not know Batman’s story nor the extent of care that North Town had afforded this beautiful little creature. I went online and saw his story. It broke my heart. I knew he was the perfect dog for our family and we were perfect for him. I called North Town within hours to find out that he had already been adopted. I was devastated but at the same time happy for the little guy. A few days later North Town called and asked if we were still interested in Batman as the home he had went to had another older dog that did not take well to the energy of a younger dog. I all but jumped through the phone. Yes! Yes! Yes! 
Katie from North Town brought Batman to us for a visit. It went well so a week later both Gloria and Katie came to drop off Batman along with a supply of food and everything he needed to leave him for a few days to see how he adjusted. It was at this point that I realized that both of these ladies had huge roles in the recovery of both the mental and physical trauma that this precious little guy had suffered. I then found out that Batman was the first official “rescued” dog at North Town to be adopted out. Months of love and care thanks to the North Town staff gave Batman a new lease on life 🙂
So now about Batman’s new life! He loves to go on long walks and has no issues with the cold. He enjoys teasing the guinea pigs and loves to go for rides in the truck. He is getting better with strangers; the school kids and neighbours know him well! He is the ultimate cuddler and has the funniest little personality. He has improved my quality of life so I thank both North Town and Batman, my hero.
I am hoping that North Town can continue this program. We love this little dog so much and he will have the best life thanks to all at North Town.


Forever Grateful,


Adrienne (and Batman – Woof!)


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