Pet of the Month: Pia’s Story

The key to good health, starts in your pet’s mouth!

Pia is a 4 year old Chinese dog who her owners had rescued. She came to them with terrible teeth and upper respiratory infections that kept spreading to her lungs. Her owner explained that despite her health issues, Pia appeared happy and continued to eat and drink normally.

One day Pia seemed “off”. While up north her owners came home to find Pia having breathing issues, her owners immediately rushed her to the nearest vet where they were told that Pia was in heart failure and needed to be put down. Pia’s owners couldn’t do it and asked for another alternative. The doctor offered an injection that could temporarily allow Pia to have some more time so her family could say their goodbyes. Heartbroken her owner’s returned to Brampton and made the hard decision to bring her to North Town to have her put down. But when Pia arrived she began perking up. This gave hope to both the doctor and Pia’s family who did not want to give up on her. So between the owners and the Doctor they decided to run some test and do x-Rays.

Pia’s respiratory infection had just become so severe that the fluid had spread to her heart. In order to combat her chronic respiratory issues Pia had to undergo full-mouth dental extraction surgery. The severity of Pia’s dental disease impacted her organs and almost ended her life. After recovery, Pia was like a new dog. She had so much more energy and was as playful as ever.

It is important to practice good oral hygiene for your pets. Brushing teeth isn’t just for humans. By brushing your cat and dog’s teeth at home on a daily basis you can minimize tartar and plaque that can develop if left untreated to dental issues and diseases. Some that can reduce life expectancy and cause discomfort or pain. Regular dental exams and oral routines at home can positively impact your dog’s future and quality of life. So practice good oral hygiene and keep your pet’s happy and healthy for many years to come .

Written by: Megan Wilson