What Truly Happens After Midnight

Things that go BUMP in the night here at North Town

Or what we actually do all night…

Here at North Town Veterinary Hospital we never close. So, what actually happens during the night? We are seeing emergencies, taking care of our in clinic patients and boarders. Animals are walked during the night, are fed when scheduled not just during the day, get medications and attention. The veterinarian will also review medication requests, lab results, and organize discharge notes.  All hospitalized patients are examined during the night, usually starting at 2 am. Kennels are cleaned when soiled, as all animals need to be clean and dry for optimal health. We have a full complement of staff, with a veterinarian, technician and an ACA (animal care attendant) on duty at all times.  Excellence of animal care is our aim!

What kind of emergencies do we see? Anything from motor vehicle accidents/injury (HBC to us) to bite wounds, to restlessness, to vomiting and everything in between. If you name it, we have probably seen it! One of our newer tests available is a drug panel for those animals (generally dogs) who got into something but it isn’t your typical poison.

One of the biggest surprises to people starting to work nights is just how many come in after midnight to buy food or pick up medications. This is a 24 hour world we live in, with people active around the clock. That is why we are available even for routine care all night. We do triage, so we cannot guarantee you won’t be waiting for this at night but we do our best to get you in and out in a timely manner.

We have an in house laboratory, we can do radiographs, we can do surgeries (emergency) and we offer intensive care when needed.

We even write blog posts about working at night! So if you need care for your pet, any time of day or night, we are here for you!


Written by North Town Veterinary Hospital