Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning

Did you know North Town Veterinary Hospital offers nail trimming and ear cleaning? This can be done by one of our veterinary technicians for a nominal fee. Our knowledgeable veterinary technicians will be able to help you determine if your dog will need to see a veterinarian regarding your dog’s ear concern or that pesky ingrown nail.

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How often should I cut my dog’s nails?

Here at North Town Veterinary Hospital, we recommend that nails should be done every 4 weeks, although some dogs do need to have their nails done more frequently. The veterinary technician will be able to determine if the nails should be done more often.

How can I keep my dog’s nails short?

There are a few ways to help keep your dog’s nails short! Try taking them for a long walk on the sidewalk after they have a fresh manicure and pedicure, walking on the pavement will help to file their nails down. Taking your pet for more frequent nail trims will help to reduce the length of the quick, the blood supply within the nail, therefore allowing for shorter nail trims with each visit!

How often should my dog have their ear’s cleaned?

Your dog’s ears should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks, or after swimming and bathing. Some dogs do need to have their ears cleaned more often, our wonderful veterinary technicians will be able to help you with this.

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