Pets are great companions and are even known to aid people with healing and stress reduction. But when your beloved companion’s quality of life is in question, is it time to say goodbye?

What is pet euthanasia and how do I know when the right time is?

Humane Pet Euthanasia is a procedure that humanely aids and assists a pet in death, to end suffering. Knowing when the time is right to assist your pet on their journey is a difficult question and the answer is different for each individual pet owner.  Some things to consider are what is your pet’s quality of life? Are they still mobile, eating and drinking? Do you think your pet is in pain? Are they still able to do the things they love? Is their declining health starting to affect your bond and relationship in a negative way?

Can I say goodbye to my pet in the comfort of our home?

Pet euthanasia can be done in the comfort of your own home by a veterinarian that provides house call services.

What drug is used?

A highly concentrated injectable drug compound called Sodium Pentobarbital is given intravenously.

What is the cost of euthanasia?

The cost of euthanasia ranges based on species, the size of pet and different aftercare options, such as an urn or paw print. Aftercare options can be seen at

Does the clinic also provide bereavement counselling?

North Town Veterinary Hospital does recommend that you take advantage of all of the bereavement counselling options that are available to us. We recommend speaking to one of our customer service representatives for further information.