Young kittens are highly susceptible to infectious diseases, which is why it is very important to have them properly vaccinated!

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When do kittens get their first shots?

Here at North Town Veterinary Hospital, we recommend getting your kitten initially vaccinated at 8 weeks of age.

How often do my kittens need vaccines?

We continue the FVRCP booster series at 12 weeks and 16 weeks of age. The FVRCP vaccine protects your kitty against the feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia. Finally, at 16 weeks, we also administer the rabies vaccine. FVRCP and rabies are considered core vaccines. Core vaccines are recommended for all cats, either because the disease the vaccine protects against is extremely severe and/or is especially common, or the disease is a threat to humans.

Does my kitten need only core vaccines?

Additionally, we offer a non-core vaccine called FeLV, which is the feline leukemia virus. Exposure to infected cats raises your cat’s risk of contracting FeLV, especially for kittens and young adult cats. Cats in multi-cat households are more at risk, especially if they share water and food dishes and litter boxes.

Are there any risk associated with vaccines?

As with any medical procedure, there is a small chance that reactions may develop as a result of a vaccination. It is rare, but reactions can occur and they range from very mild to severe. If any adverse side effects occur, you can bring your kitten back to have a consultation with one of our qualified veterinarians.

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