Holiday Events at Brampton’s North Town Veterinary Hospital

The Christmas festivities have begun at North Town. Our Christmas tree is decorated, our stockings are hung and everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit.

Our annual Food/Toy drive has started: this year we are donating  again to the Salvation Army.

“Four Paws and One Heart” had their Santa Pics last weekend, it was a huge success. Everyone had a great day especially our 4 legged friends.  Santa had a very busy day and is looking forward to our next round of pet photos with Santa on Dec 6th. Everyone is welcome! Even if you are not currently a North Town client.

With children making their Christmas list, some will have a new puppy or kitten on them.  Here are the most popular ten names for dogs and cats:


Male         Female

Bailey Bella
Max Lucy
Charlie Molly
Buddy Daisy
Rocky Maggie
Jake Sophie
Jack Sadie
Toby Chloe
Cody Bailey
Buster Lola


Male                  Female

Charlie Lily
Jack Chloe
Jasper Lucy
Dexter Bella
Milo Luna
Fred Maddie
Simon Emma
Simba Coco
George Molly
Boomer Cali

Please remember that bringing a new animal into your home during such an exciting holiday can be just the opposite of a positive beginning.

Prepare the family prior bringing in a new pet. Discuss how a new pet will change the family’s life.  A pet can change a lot of the family day to day arrangements.  Like scheduled walking, feeding, training, sleeping arrangements, clean up chores.

Christmas morning is an especially chaotic time, tearing gifts, sting, wrapping paper, unusually  loud noises.  You don’t want an animal cowering with the overwhelming excitement of the Christmas season.

An Alternative Idea

Instead of gifting your family with a new puppy or kitten, wrap up a stuffed animal. “PET PROMISE.” This will allow the family to make the choice together.  Preparing your lifestyle and home! If you need more information on how to best prepare your family for a new pet please feel free to schedule a free tour of North Town Veterinary Hospital and ask us any questions you may have. Children welcome accompanied by parents!