Gloria’s Most Recent on Batman

“When someone mentioned that Batman needed a foster home I did not have to think twice, I quickly jumped on a chance to be a part of this brave dog’s journey.

When I first took Batman home he was quite shy, unsure of where he was and what was going to happen but it didn’t take him long to make himself at home.  With 4 cats running around the house he quickly adjusted to the hustle and bustle of home living. Knowing how nervous he was with other people, we began the training process right away, going on walks and out to visit other people and pets. Batman was excited to be out but would always shy behind me with the sight of oncoming people.  With just a few treats in my pocket and a lot of praise, Batman began to learn that he did not need to fear people. It amazes me how easily you can gain the trust of a dog, even one that had been treated so poorly and left in such a horrific condition. Batman just wants to be loved.

He is doing well with his training, learning commands like ‘Stay’ ‘Heal’ and ‘leave it’. His walking behavior has changed a lot and you can just tell how happy he is when he knows he has done a good job. He’s come a long way!”