Four Paws, One Heart

There are a lot of different steps that go into organizing a kitten rescue and foster program. Starting with giving approval to a new arrival, then seeking out an available foster parent, getting into health checks, feedings, vaccines, later facing preparation for adoption, finding forever homes and of course, fundraising the donations that make it all happen! This blog piece was put together to offer a deeper look at what it takes to rescue a kitten from the Four Paws One Heart Program at North Town Veterinary Hospital and into their Forever Homes.

New arrivals

The kittens we receive come from all different places. Often brought in without a mother and by people who have just found them, it can be difficult to know exactly where they came from or how old they may be.

Our first step is to try and find an available foster home. There are a few of us from the North Town Team that open our homes to foster these kittens.

Once an available foster home is found and we have accepted the kittens, we complete a physical exam to determine age and if there are any medical issues. Our Veterinarians are dedicated to helping us get these little ones off to the right start!

Foster care and Feedings

Different kittens require different care depending on age, health and size. Some kittens require being fed every 2 hours.

Their feeding schedule means foster parents need to be alert and ready, just like with an infant, to wake up throughout the night to care for the kittens.

Our foster homes usually have their own volunteers such as spouses or other relatives to help out when needed as kittens can be very demanding!

Keeping a close eye on their health is very important at a young age. We like to make sure that any changes are noted and monitored very closely.

Interaction is great!!! We encourage having foster kittens around all type of animals and enjoy hearing about our kittens getting used to a real-home setting.

Getting ready for adoption

Once a kitten reaches 8 weeks, they are ready to start to look for a ‘forever home’!

At this time they come in to see one of our Veterinarians for a health exam, their first booster vaccinations and microchipping.

They are then placed in our kitten adoption cage in our waiting room at North Town where they get a lot of adoration from all our visitors.

The Adoption

Our adoption process is one of the most rewarding parts of the process. There is nothing like helping people to find the perfect kitten to complete their family.

Anyone interested in adopting a kitten from Four Paws One Heart can fill out an application. Our applications ask valuable questions to help us determine if adoption is right for them
We recommend booking time to visit the kittens for interaction to make sure you have chosen the perfect kitten for you.

Once the application is approved, we set up time for them to come in and pick up their new family member.

The Fundraising

Four Paws One Heart runs completely off donations and volunteered time from our staff. We always want to be able to provide the best treatment options for all of our kittens and having enough funds is really important with that.

Staff Dress-Down days! Every other Friday our team is encouraged to wear scrubs different than their NTVH uniforms, and make a donation to Four Paws One Heart in order to be able to do so.

Bake sales! One of our favourite fundraisers! The North Town Team works very hard to makedelicious treats to bring in and sell as a fundraiser.

The Yard sales! We collect gently used items and turn North Town’s lawn into a thrift shop. When we are lucky we have kittens and other pets to join in the fun.

The ‘Thank You’

At the end of every day, we cannot forget to be thankful. We give thanks to the people that find kittens and bring them in, the people that open up their homes for them to be fostered, people that donate, people that give their time to help, the families who adopt them and North Town Veterinary Hospital for allowing it to all take place under their roof.

The Goodbyes

While we strive to get all of our kittens healthy, there are some that are just not strong enough to fight. The kittens that lose their battle touch our hearts and their short journey is remembered by all that care for them.

This information has been brought to you by Gloria, FPOH Coordinator. If you are looking for more information about Four Paws One Heart you are welcome to e-mail her at fourpawsoneheart@gmail.com



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