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Parasite Awareness Month

Ticks, fleas and worms are back in full force! Learn how you can take preventative measures in protecting your pets from those nasty parasites!


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Kitten Vaccinations!

Kitten vaccinations are just as important as any other vaccinations.


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Welcome to North Town Veterinary Hospital in Brampton

North Town Veterinary Hospital is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week emergency pet hospital in Brampton.  As well as offering emergency and critical care services around the clock we also perform non-emergency preventative care including but not limited to, vaccinations, spays and neuters, dental surgery, parasite testing and prevention and any other care that your pet will need over the course of their lives.  Should your cat or dog require overnight or emergency veterinary care you can rest assured that our trained staff will always be there keeping a watchful eye.

Our emergency animal hospital, in Brampton, is proud to offer a wide range of medical technology such as surgery, routine and emergency, digital radiography, ultrasound, onsite laboratory testing and dental surgery.

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Josie's Journey

Josie is truly one of a kind. As North Town's original Pet of the Month, Josie is very happy to still be going strong three and a half years later!

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My Pet Can’t Have Worms… RIGHT?!

Spring is parasite season in the pet and veterinary world. This includes external parasites, like fleas and ticks, and internal parasites, like heartworm and intestinal parasites (more often referred to as “worms”). There are often misconceptions that pet owners have or that get passed around regarding worms that can affect the health of your pet. Here are some of the more common ones, and the realities that surround them.

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