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Cannabis (Marijuana) Intoxication in Cats and Dogs

Pets have more cannabinoid receptors in their brains than humans. This means that the effects of cannabis are more dramatic and potentially more toxic. A small amount of cannabis is all it takes to cause toxicity in cats and dogs.

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What to tell your Pet-Sitter

With holiday season fast approaching something we must all think about is what about ‘Henry’ (my ever so loving special needs bulldog)? Leaving your beloved pet behind on your travels can be heartbreaking. While we can’t heal your broken heart, we can share some tips to ensure your worry is less during this time of […]

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Common Plant Toxicities

I was weeding my garden today, and I realized that there are a lot of common plants which I see as toxicities in Emergency situations.  I thought I would do the top 5 that I see; then mention a few really toxic plants, which I would not have around my kids or my pets. 1. […]

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Winter Safety for Dogs by Rebecca, RVT

BRRRRR- it’s COLD out there! The snow is falling, Jack Frost is nibbling at your nose and the winter gear is out. While you are enjoying the winter activities, keep in mind the safety of our four legged family members. Inside or outside there are winter threats to our dogs. When a severe winter storm or extreme […]

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Holiday Hazards by Sarah Phillips, ACA

The holidays are quickly approaching and North Town Veterinary Hospital wants you to keep your pets safe this season! Below are some tips to keep in mind about holiday hazards for the winter months: Decorate the top two-thirds of your tree. Christmas trees can pose many dangers to pets. Consider leaving the bottom third of […]

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Order Early Before Holiday Closures

With warm wishes, Your dedicated team at North Town Veterinary Hospital

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North Town Veterinary Hospital is committed to doing everything possible to combat the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

As part of this commitment, effective immediately, North Town Veterinary Hospital will be instituting the following precautionary protocol to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

For the safety of yourself, our staff, and the community we are limiting the amount of clients permitted inside of our building. We have initiated a semi- open door policy to allow one person inside the hospital while your pet is here for a scheduled exam. One person is also permitted inside the hospital for surgical drop offs. Our emergency services remain closed door to clients as our building does not allow for proper social distancing while waiting for the veterinarian. Please call 905-451-2000 when you arrive for your appointment, surgical drop off or emergency service to gain further direction from one of our team members. You can also place an order for pet food through our Online Store by visiting our website.


- If possible, please call us at 905-451-2000 to let us know you are on the way so that we can be prepared to meet you upon your arrival at the hospital.

- When you arrive, please stay in your vehicle in our parking lot and call 905-451-2000, and we'll come to you.

- If you do not have a phone or your pet's emergency is immediately life-threatening, please come to the front door and ring the bell.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.