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My Pet Can’t Have Worms… RIGHT?!

Spring is parasite season in the pet and veterinary world. This includes external parasites, like fleas and ticks, and internal parasites, like heartworm and intestinal parasites (more often referred to as “worms”).

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PARASITE PREVENTION: ‘External’ Parasites in Cats and Dogs

For cats and dogs, the most commonly noted external parasites include FLEAS, and TICKS, and occasionally EAR and MANGE MITES (otodectes, demodex and sarcoptes). FLEAS: Fleas are spread from exposure to other animals, commonly other cats, dogs, and rodents that your outdoor cat or dog may interact with. There are many possible treatments for fleas, but […]

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PARASITE PREVENTION: Ticks and Fleas and Worms: “Oh MY!”

Pet owners are often under the impression that if their cat and/or dog has no interaction with other animals, then they cannot be infected with parasites. A few hours of happy sitting in the grass of the backyard now and then surely doesn’t qualify as an “outdoor” pet, does it? If your furry family member […]

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What You Need To Know About Parasites & Your Pets by Michelle W., ACA

Has your pet had its annual parasite blood test? Did you receive your summer parasite prevention for the spring/summer season? If not, North Town Veterinary Hospital has plenty of information to help you. Here are some of our most common summer concerns when it comes to Parasite Season: Heartworm Heartworm is a disease that can be […]

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Tick Borne Disease by Sabrina Smith

It is that time of year again to beware of parasite “hitch-hicker’s”, otherwise known as TICKS. Ticks hangout on long blades of grass or vegetation and wait patiently to grab a hold of an unsuspecting victim passing by, such as your pet. There are 2 main types of Ticks: 1. A Soft-Tick with a raisin-like appearance […]

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Community Parks and Dogs

End of school is here!  As a mum of two young boys, we live in our little park. Dogs pass through with their owners enjoying an evening walk, the kids are playing grounders and building sand castles, and the parents are unwinding from a hectic day at work and after-school activities.

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