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Dental Home Care for Your Pet

Oral hygiene is often overlooked by pet owners but is a very important part of your pet’s overall health. If they have a toothache or sore gums, they are dealing with pain and stress you may not know about.

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Our Pets and Their New Year’s Resolutions by Aimee Gillis, CSR

Happy New Year! Every year we make New Year’s resolutions for ourselves, but what about our pets? Our pets’ resolutions can be similar to our own such as weight loss, starting a new diet, starting a new exercise routine, going to the doctor or dentist for regular checkups, or for our pets to get into […]

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Community Parks and Dogs

End of school is here!  As a mum of two young boys, we live in our little park. Dogs pass through with their owners enjoying an evening walk, the kids are playing grounders and building sand castles, and the parents are unwinding from a hectic day at work and after-school activities.

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