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Molly the Miracle

  Peter (dad), Marylou (mom), Lauralee (daughter) and Mike (son) are the wonderful owners of Molly, a 6 year old Miniature Schnauzer, also known as Mollo. They got Molly in September of 2010 from a breeder in Milton, Ontario. At first, the breeder showed them four black and white puppies.

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What Truly Happens After Midnight

Things that go BUMP in the night here at North Town Or what we actually do all night… Here at North Town Veterinary Hospital we never close. So, what actually happens during the night? We are seeing emergencies, taking care of our in clinic patients and boarders. Animals are walked during the night, are fed […]

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Community Parks and Dogs

End of school is here!  As a mum of two young boys, we live in our little park. Dogs pass through with their owners enjoying an evening walk, the kids are playing grounders and building sand castles, and the parents are unwinding from a hectic day at work and after-school activities.

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