pocket pets services in brampton ontario

Pocket Pets Services in Brampton, Ontario

Our pocket pets need a vacation at times too! Or maybe you’re looking for a place for your pocket pet to stay, while you are on vacation. North Town Veterinary Hospital offers 24-hour boarding facilities.

What services do you provide for pocket pets?

The services we provide for these little critters are boarding and nail trims.

Boarding services cost $32.90 plus tax, we do ask that you provide the cage, food, and pellets that this pet requires during their stay with us at North Town Veterinary Hospital. Your pocket pets will be handled and cages will be cleaned daily.

Our nail trims are done with a technician for $24.95 plus tax, but please call ahead as only some of our technicians offer this service.

Our medical team is always learning new skills and updating their knowledge. Please check back with us from time to time for extended pocket pet services.

What pocket pets do you service?

We see birds, rabbits, hedgehogs, guinea pigs and much more.


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