Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning for Cats

Most clients are unaware that ear cleaning and nail trimming in cats is necessary, both of these areas are a very common place for our feline friends. A cat’s ears may need to be cleaned for many reasons; ear infections, parasitic infections, dirt build up, etc. To determine if you cats ears need to be cleaned it is best to have one of our veterinarians exam the ears and find out if there is a cause for concern. Specific solutions and techniques need to be followed, it isn’t recommended to proceed with ear cleaning for your cat until you have had your veterinarian or veterinarian staff support you as damage to the ear canal could occur. Nail trimming is very common for our feline friends and can be performed on a regular basis; in fact, it is best to do so often to ensure your pet continues to be comfortable with the handling of their paws and the cutting of their nails. Again this is an area where a quick tutorial is ideal from one of our friendly staff members as if you cut the nails too short it can cause bleeding and pain both of which are not ideal. Once owners have been shown how to safely perform this procedure, it is an area you can continue to perform at home. Some of our clients are happy to bring their feline friend in repeatedly for this procedure, both are acceptable and welcomed.

What ear cleaning services does the clinic provide?

A solution is placed into the ear canal, making sure to avoid the ear drum. The solutions are distributed around the ear canal by massaging the pets ear; they often LOVE this the ears are often itchy when inflammation is present. After the massaging technique, which we usually do for longer than needed just to make the experience more enjoyable for your pet we take large pieces of cotton and remove any debris that has been loosened by the cleaning solution. Veterinary approved cotton-tipped applicators can be used to remove debris from deeper within the canal. NOTE: this technique should only be performed by your veterinary provider as damage can occur to this very sensitive area of the body. Tutorials are offered at the clinic at no extra charge to our clients.

Do you offer packages?

At this time wellness packages are not being offered at North Town Veterinary Hospital. This is an area that we fully understand the need for within the veterinary industry; it is our hope that down the road this will be an area to offer our client base.

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